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  • Sea of Galilee - Psalms & Serenity
  • Sea of Galilee - Psalms & Serenity
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Psalms & Serenity

Sea of Galilee

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Crisp and breezy like a day at the beach with fresh sea air, agave nectar and rich floral notes of ylang ylang and wild hydrangea with lavender, vetiver and willow bark.

10 oz.  apothecary jar with bronze metal lid

Fragrance notes: Sea Salt and Hydrangea

Mini Scripture card included

Eco-friendly, clean burning, wood wick candle. Wooden wick gives off crackling sounds just like a fireplace and produces a beautiful effect and mood. Highly fragrant candle. Color varies from candle to candle. All candles are hand poured.

(To prevent fire & serious injury, always burn your candle within sight. Keep out of the the reach of children and pets. Only burn the candle on a flat, fire resistant surface.)