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Ready for Autumn?

The first day the kids are back in school it’s fall. I don’t care what the calendar says.  The shadows are longer, the streets are quieter and I’m hankering for anything made with cream, cheese and potatoes.  Every season is my favorite season when I’m at the start of it.  So hello fall … you’re my favorite.

I even like the home maintenance tasks associated with autumn like raking leaves and stacking firewood. I like them for exactly half an hour and then I want to set the leaves, the firewood and my hair on fire simultaneously. Getting ready for winter can be both gross and exciting so I’ve comprised a list of all the things that you should do to get ready to fall.  Both the fun and the not so fun.

  1. Clean the gutters.
  2. Wash the windows inside and out.
  3. Order Firewood.
  4. Clean Chimney
  5. Make a batch of chili
  6. Buy spicy scented candles. Pumpkin spice, apple spice, smoky spice, you know … any of the spices.
  7. Replace or clean furnace filter.
  8. Haul out the blankets for the couch.
  9. Check foundation for places mice can get in.
  10. Replace beer in fridge with whiskey in liquor cabinet.
  11. Put outdoor cushions away while they’re dry.
  12. Good bye ferns, hello mums.
  13. Pull out the big, fluffy duvet.
  14. Surround every inch around your house with yard bags and watch as the leaves fall right into them.
  15. Throw away your razors. It’s hairy season.
  16. Cover up your outdoor air conditioning unit.
  17. Empty any ceramic or clay pots outside that are too large to bring indoors. If you don’t they’ll freeze and crack.
  18. Book an appointment to have your winter tires put on.
  19. Make some healthy delicious baked apples, then feed them to someone else and eat an entire pumpkin pie with whipped cream yourself.
  20. Plant your spring bulbs like tulips, crocus and daffodils.
  21. Wanna be the hit of the street for Halloween?  You’d better start figuring that out now.
  22. Throw away those 3 dead plants you bought in the spring and never planted.
  23. Can, can, can.  Tomatoes, peaches, chili sauce, hot peppers, pickles.
  24. Ask an elderly or single neighbor if they need help with anything.
  25. Kids preventing you from getting stuff done?  Send them out to play and tell them not to come home until they have at least one bruise.
  26. Clean out your fridge to make room for the winter cheeses.
  27. Buy a puzzle.
  28. Cozy up your porch or front door.  This post (photo below) has some inspiration …
     Fall porch decorated with a huge wheat sheaf, pale peach dahlias in an antique crock and a basket of apples.
  29. Haul out the flannel pajamas that have been in hiding for 4 months and now smell like drawer.
  30. Sweet, roll and store outdoor carpets.
  31. Blow out sprinkler lines.
  32. Rake, rake, rake. Rake again.
  33. Drain and store hoses
  34. Divide hostas, lilies, peonies, rhubarb and other overgrown perennials.
  35. Check and install weather stripping.
  36. Then relax.

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